Meet Chilly

Chilly is your new little weather buddy with a big penguin personality.  Chilly wants to give you some fun and inspiration to start your day.


Chilly uses only the best weather data from the creators of Dark Sky and the National Weather Service.


(P.S. Chilly hates groundhogs.)



Accurate weather forecasts from all over the world

Long range forecasts to plan what to wear

Upbeat messages to brighten your day


Privacy Policy


We take your privacy very seriously.  Our goal is to provide a fun and safe experience for kids and kids at heart.


The Chilly weather app:


  1. Does not show any advertising
  2. Does not require any registration
  3. Does not collect any personally identifiable information.


The Chilly weather app may:


  1. Collect anonymous crash reports so that we can fix problems.
  2. Collect anonymous usage data so we can see which features are used most often and improve the user experience.
  3. Ask users for their gender so we can tailor the interactions.  This information is anonymous, stored locally and not transmitted to our servers.